Rubbatech - Motorcycle tank protector series

Rubbatech pads (tank pads, knee pads and pannier pads) are all individually hand made from an ultra strong and durable rubber, with extremely high abrasive resistance and UV stability. We strive to produce a product that does not only give maximum and effective protection, but also with unique styling and non ageing appearance.

All Rubbatech pads use a clear PVC application tape, with a glue stability range from -10 up to 100 degrees Celsius. We believe you will have many happy kilometers with Rubbatech!


Rubbatech offers unique tank, knee pad and pannier pad designs for all major motorcycle brands, let us surprise you with our stylish designs.

The Rubbatech range is now available Globally, operating out of The Netherlands and through Rubbatech Europe, so don’t delay and reach out to us, no matter where you are, we will make your ride look great again!

Have a look at some of our amazing designs for your ‘travel companion’.

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