Quality Custom Triumph tank pads by Rubbatech RoadCarver

Quality Custom Triumph tank pads by Rubbatech


The best protection for your Triumph and your wallet

Our pads are made from ultra-strong and durable rubber. It's ultra-flexible and resists scuffing, stretching, chipping, cracking, or tearing even when subjected to high heat or abrasive surfaces such as tar or metal. And because they're flexible they fit any hand position so you can ride with complete confidence whether it be side pegs or a solo seat!

Quality Custom Triumph tank pads by Rubbatech
Quality Custom Triumph tank pads by Rubbatech

We manufacture the industry’s most durable and trusting Triumph bike tank pads in Australia. Our all-rubber pads are perfect for busy riders who want to keep their motorcycle tank looking new for the long haul.

Industry's Most Durable Pads

Our rubber pads have been developed over 15 years of independent testing in Australia, which gives them incredible strength, durability, and UV stability. Our tank pad is also perfectly compatible with most Triumph Tiger models.

Fit Your Bike:

Road Carver's pads and brake kits are made to fit many Triumph models including:

Quality Custom Triumph tank pads by Rubbatech


Quality Custom Triumph tank pads by Rubbatech
Quality Custom Triumph tank pads by Rubbatech

All Rubbatech pads use a clear PVC application tape, with a glue stability range from -10 up to 100 degrees Celsius Rubber Rubber is 2x stronger than ABS for abrasion resistance Thermoplastic elastomer.

Made for your particular triumph model.

At Roadcarver we understand your pride in your bike, that's why we offer a range of exclusive Triumph tank pads. We work with only the best materials to ensure your motorcycle stays looking great for longer.

Rubbatech has been designing and manufacturing high-quality Triumph tank pads for nearly a decade. We have ensured that our pad is designed to work with the Triumph Tiger models whilst maintaining the stock appearance of your bike.

Provides superior protection & long-term performance

The triangular shape of the Roadraider pad allows for maximum coverage of the tank, taking up less space than traditional pads. This provides superior protection as well as long-term performance, with no signs of wear even after extensive use.

Easy to install and remove

The Roadraider uses high-quality industrial-grade adhesive tape that is heat resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius, which makes it easy to install and remove without damaging your fairing or paintwork.

Quality, you can trust

At RoadCarver we make sure we provide the highest quality product possible, so our tank pad range is designed with durability and performance in mind. We use high-grade materials across every range of products, with a hand-made manufacturing process that takes into account all the key points of what makes a great Triumph motorcycle - including weight, strength, speed, and style.

Why not check out our range today?

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