KTM Motorcycle Tank Pads & Tank Protectors RoadCarver

KTM Motorcycle Tank Pads & Tank Protectors


Looking for quality tank pads and protectors for your KTM?

Roadcarver specialises in tank protectors that are a custom fit for your specific KTM motorcycle model.
You want the best for your KTM - these protector pads are embellished with KTM branding to make sure that they not only look fantastic but as if they came from the factory with your bike!

You can choose between a centre pad, or a pair of side tank pads, or why not go for a whole set? All pads are model-specific meaning a perfect fit for your bike with a flawless result that looks like it's supposed to be there.

We have tank pads for:

Check out our full KTM ranks with a variety of styles an options.

These pads are designed and developed by Rubbatech Europe.

Rubbatech pads (tank pads, knee pads and pannier pads) are all individually hand-made from an ultra-strong and durable rubber. All of our pads enjoy high abrasive resistance and UV stability. Rubbatech produces a product that gives maximum protection, excellent styling and a non-ageing appearance. That means your KTM tank pad will look new for years to come.
All Rubbatech pads use a clear PVC application tape, with a glue stability range from -10 to 100 degrees Celsius.


KTM Motorcycle Tank Pads & Tank Protectors
KTM Motorcycle Tank Pads & Tank Protectors
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