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BMW F750 GS K&N Air Filter Install

So I bought a k&n filter last year from my BMW 750gs and it's been sitting on my shelf for about 8 months.
Out of nowhere, last night I got the urge to install it. Depending on the bike, replacing the air filter ranged from annoying to very difficult and required half the bike to be disassembled.

Surprisingly the install/removal instructions are in the owners manual (maintenance) and I'm pleased to say, its a very easy job.

Take off the seat, take off 4 screws on the front and back of the tank middle panel and pull it off.
Just where the tank drops off at the top, is a nice little pull-out shelf with the air filter in it. Move the hose and simply putt it out.

Slot in the K&N and just slide it back in. Click back the panel, replace the bolts and replace the seat.
You're done. Took me under 10 mins.

f750gs tank panel removal

BMW F750 GS K&N Air Filter Install
BMW F750 GS K&N Air Filter Install

Does it make any difference? Yes, it does.

Right off, a deeper tone to the bike and also the induction sounds has gained more growl.
performance-wise, stronger across the range and very noticeable at the bottom end, you pull away from the lights much easier at lower revs. Where before the bike needs way more throttle to take off.

All in all a worthy investment for the BMW 750 / 850 gs owner.
Please note my bike is equipped with the Titanium Akrapovic silencer, and also the Remus downpipe that replaces the rear muffler box (lunchbox). I have to tell you this bike now sounds sublime, and not loud. Rivals a good Ducati sounds without the bucket-of-bolts clutch. By far the best sounding BMW by far.

A video of my F750GS after installing the Remus Downpipe + Akrapovic Silencer Combo.


BMW f750gs review

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