Harley Future Custom Motorcycle Concept- 2021

Harley Future Custom Motorcycle Concept- 2021

As Harley charges into the future continue, so do the model concepts. HD has always been in a tricky position - when your brand is tied up in tradition, it makes it very hard to split from. They've been hammered by traditionalists for departing too much for the old recipe, then that they're just selling the same old bike from the other camp. They can, no doubt put out ahead-of-its time models, but in this scenarios, they have almost always flopped wit the traditional Harley enthusiast.

A great example is the XR1200, which was only in production from 2008-13 with ~4500 made worldwide. Some argue it was ahead of its time, despite being one of the best Harleys ever built.
Fast forward to 2019, Harley is a tad late to the cafe-retro party with some particular models coming out from the production line looking like a custom bike.

Well, what to say, this 'future custom model' looks very cool, like something to come out of a bobber garage after it's had all the 'naff production part cut off it. Not surprisingly reminiscent of the current 48 with a distinctive Sportster shape, fat wheels and peanut-ish tank.
More conspicuous is the radiator, which hints toward gunning for Indian and more power. There will be howls of blasphemy over this one, but what's Harley to do. Then there's the headlight, which appears to be a set of eyes borrowed from Bender the robot (futurama). Also appearing on the Adventure concept. Which, in my view, is hideous. There is always the spare parts shop!

To be continued!


Images: Harley Davidson

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