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The new BMW R1200R liquid-cooled naked just added some pepper to the old recipe. This one has the looks and the performance.  The new BMW R1200R is loaded with so much tech, I'm wondering had the moon landing used so much? I'm glad to report that unlike past experiences with tech - this bucketload simple works, and it works brilliantly. A Rip-snorting power-plant that is smooth and grunty from the bottom end, and unlike ye-old boxer, this one rips to the redline. On paper, the figures may not be that impressive, but the power is everywhere, and I can't quite recall being on a...

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R1200r vs FXDL Low Rider, really? What a strange comparison. This article is a quick comparison of the two bikes, not an in-depth review of each one. For full details, please refer to each bike's full review in a separate article. Similarities: The same year (2016) Similar price: ~24k (AUD) retail Same target age group Twin Cylinder I've had both of these bikes in my garage for a longer-term so have had a lot of time to reflect! I like them both so I'm not biased to one in particular. Age group: Teenagers are not likely to buy these bikes, neither...

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