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BMW R Nine T review - The Love, the life and the betrayal... My diary of Nine T ownership. As I have done many times before I read a review or comment in bewilderment at the suggestion someone no longer wants the bike I'm currently infatuated with. How is that possible, I say to myself. As the old saying goes, "for every amazing bike out there you dream of, you will find someone who's sick of riding her". I spent months thinking about the BMW r nine t, more months looking at pictures, annoying dealerships with test rides and generally...

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Some may argue that this is a bizarre comparison, but these machines are similar in as many ways as they differ. Both come from two of the most authentic brands steeped in legacy with both cracking the 100-year vintage with HD slightly edging BMW by a few years. Both bikes are air-cooled, twin-cylinder engines boasting approx. Each run 1200cc engines that have had plenty of years running their respective unit. RRP for these bikes is quite close. Here in Australia The top-spec BMW R Nine T is around $1000 more than the HD, while the ‘pure’ model can be had...

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