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The entirely new in-line twin unit in the f series Beemer is the headliner of the show. A real cracker of an engine.

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I recently had a quick ride on the 2018 Honda CB1000r, so just a few initial impressions. Reading the news release and seeing the pics, even though I'm not a big Honda fan - I was intrigued. This thing looked impressive. I had to see it in the flesh, and I wasn't disappointed. This bike looks fantastic and is adorned with a stack of great details and high-quality materials. The Honda CB1000r is by far the most impressive Honda I've seen in the showroom for years. I'm in the process of expanding on this, so just a few key points and...

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The story of how I went looking for an 883 sporter and ended up riding into the sunset on a Harley Low Rider. Me and my bro-in-law collecting the low rider. He looks happier than I do. Coming across the Harley Low Rider was a coincidence. I've owned a Harley Sportster 883 Iron before, which I sold in frustration but consequently ended up missing it badly. In my nostalgia, I found myself at the local Harley dealer with the intent of getting back the old 883 in some form. There are some new glossy versions, flaked and even the old matt-black that I...

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So how did I come to buying an old BMW r1100s from a k1300r?  I had a pretty lousy finance deal on the k1300r, so I decided to sell up and pay it out. Not to mention the k1300 is a magnet for the boys in blue and only fun when breaking the speed limit by an extra 3 digits.

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This review is still relevant, while the Iron 883 came out in 2010 - the Sportster hasn't changed much since 2007. Significant changes were 2004: Rubber-mounted engine, 2007 all Sportster Harley models went to electronic fuel injection. Unless you like vibration or mucking about with carbies - you want both of these upgrades. The day had come where looking at the pictures of the Sportster Harley Iron 883 were traded for the real thing.  How did I come across the Iron 883? I have liked the Sportster for many years now, and not because it is the cheapest Harley -...

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Buell XB12S - To an uneducated non-rider, many bikes can look the same. The “inspired” can usually spot a Harley, but can’t tell it from a Japanese cruiser. Same goes for Sportbikes. The XB series from Buell makes it a lot easier for this lot, as it is about as subtle as a flaming brick through a window. Yep, the Buell XBs certainly does it differently and have a 1200cc for 2004. The XB12S is a variation on the Previous years XB9S with larger capacity through a longer stroke. This all-Buell built engine cranks out bucket-loads of torque, with even...

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