Product Review – Rubbatech Tank Pad BMW f750gs

Recently I had the opportunity to test the Rubbatech tank protector on my BMW 750GS. The new South African brand being sold globally via Rubbatech Europe based in the Netherlands. They've launched a range of protection pads for many brands of motorcycles including BMW.
I noticed the brand being discussed with optimism on a number of forums, so we contacted Rubbatech and there were nice enough to send me a sample for this review.

The problem with any aftermarket part is having it match your motorcycle and blend in to appear as close to OEM as possible. Most tanks pads and other adhesive protective products fail in this scenario and turn out to be terrible eye-sores!
On receiving the Rubbatech tank pad for my BMW 750gs, I was pleasantly surprised by its overall quality and supple feel. The rubber and material used are pleasant to the touch and very flexible.

The pad looks the business with its faux-carbon fibre look pulling off the look better than most I've seen. The carbon-weave pattern is very convincing right down to minor detailed threads. Applied to my stereo-metallic schemed BMW it looks like it belongs there. The incorporated make/model logo gives it a highly customised look. Their slogan is "Protection never looked this good" - I'd have to agree. Another aspect I really appreciate, the Rubbatech branding is very subtle.

In the past, I always viewed tank pads as a necessary evil, but the Rubbatech products really do add value to my bike. Both in appearance and protection.
Please check out some of the images I've taken of the pad and detail shots.

Installation, as you can imagine is not difficult, however take your time because once it's on - it's on. Take care to clean the application surface thoroughly with alcohol and be careful of the placement. The fit was perfect and matches the contours of your bike down to the millimetre. Once fit, it stayed there. No lifting corners or glue residue. Just read the simple instruction included, and you can't go wrong!

Rubbatech Tank Pads
As for wear and longevity, I haven't used it for long enough to know so I will report back. Having said that, it's been on there for several weeks already for a few dirt trips and plenty of rain - still looks like new.

Rubbatech recommends regular treatment with Silicone spray for protection from the elements and to ensure your pads keep looking great.

If all of their products are made like this I can highly recommend Rubbatech.

After sampling their product, we're pleased to say that Roadcarver has become the Australia distributor for Rubbatech products. If you'd like one for your bike please visit our store 

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