BMW F750 GS Long Term Review

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BMW F750 GS Long Term Review

I've owned this bike from new for just over a year now and ride 3-5 days a week. Riding has been a combination of commuting, weekend twisties and occasional offroad camping. 


What is the BMW f750gs good at?

Being a bit of a swiss army knife, the f750gs will do most types of general riding well. 

An extremely good city and commuting bike based on ease of operation, safety feature and vision. As with most BMWs fuel economy is very good -I generally average about 5.8 in suburbia and 5 outside. I'm sure with a lighter touch on the throttle better figure could be achived.

BMW f750gs camping

Equally good touring bike with great comfort fro two, luggage options and fuel economy, let down perhaps by lack of wind protection.

Surprisingly it's an excellent canyon carver where it revels in tight turns and switchbacks. Ground clearance isn't amazing but to touch down you have to be seriously flogging it. Great fun in the twisties. Better than the 850gs as this type of riding with lower suspension and smaller front wheel. The balance is truly superb and getting it into a corner is effortless. Unlike the previous generation f700/800, this engine is exciting. It sounds great, feels great and goes like a firecracker.

Offroad. I'd argue that no BMW is really a true offroad bike but you can certainly tackle some decent trails and even more so on the F850gs with it's taller suspension and offroad bias. 

I've taken the f750gs it on dirt roads, fire trails and dedicated 4wd tracks and had a blast. Me personally I wouldn't take it any further, as it's just not the right tool for the job and too expensive to be bashing against rocks.

Having said the above, it would obviously be lacking at a racetrack and heavy offroad. Anything in between it will do just fine. 


On paper, the 77 HP sounds a bit anaemic, but in the real world, the power is plenty on road given the lowdown torque.

Add to that I've fitted an Akrapovic titanium pipe, combined with the Remus downpipe to delete the resonator. K&N air filter installed also. These minor updates have given the 750gs more pep, a much better sound and it pulls cleanly from lower down in the rev range.

Despite rumours, the engine hardware is identical, the 750 is detuned by software only.

There are a few shops that do ECU tunes on this bike, meaning you can extract the 850gs power from the 750. I thought I would do this right away, but to be honest, it already is quick enough and it's not something id ever take to a racetrack.

f750gs rubbatech tank pad protection

Rubbatech tank pad for the 750gs, a great addition that looks like it belongs there from the factory. 
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Dislikes and minor gripes.

BMW has done a cracking job with this bike which simultaneously feels sophisticated and still raw enough to be a fun motorcycle. Any criticism I have below are very minor and certainly not a dealbreaker of any sort.

Gearbox - we get along just fine but it can sometimes be a bit notchy. Frist gear often engages with a clunk, rivalled only by my Harley Low rider. 

The quick shifter is nowhere near as smooth as some I've tried and can be tricky to get right.

Buttons & TFT screen. While I'd still consider this TFT screen and controls combo to be the best in the business, it is a little bit laggy. Click a button and often you will wait a bit. You can, however, buffer up a few clicks, and there are also shortcuts with long presses. A bit faster and it would be perfect.


In my experience, screens are always tricky and I don't think I've ever ridden a bike where I've been totally satisfied with the mounted screen. The 750gs comes stock with a miniature screen that does bugger all. I swapped this out for the stock screen that comes with the f850gs. While it makes the bike look more substantial, it's hasn't done much for wind protection.

Having said that, I've seen people mount some monster screens on these bikes which look idiotic - so I guess you can have it both ways. I've ridden naked bikes for so long that I'm very used to getting hit by clean air.

BMW F750 GS tour


Very little. Early on, about two weeks into buying the f750 gs, I had some electrical gremlins - the TFT dash stopped responding to button inputs and developed a flicker. However, after turning off the bike for an hour, this issue vanished and was never to be seen again.

The second issue I had was a weak ide directly after start. Revs would drop and the engine would stall. This issue was directly related to a bad batch of fuel and was resolved by draining the tank and getting a fresh batch. On the topic of fuel, I was told by the BMW tech that this bike is tuned for 95, so don't waste your money on 98. Interestingly I was also told that 95 octane fuel here in Sydney Australia is far more consistent than 98.

f750gs left

Overall verdict 9/10

A high quality, tech-loaded 'do-it-all' machine for those that can't keep 5 bikes.

One of the only bikes I haven't thought about selling in quite a while. While I do currently own three bikes, this would be the one I would keep if I was up against a wall financially speaking.

It's fun, nimble, comfortable and sounds great. Most bikes I've owned we great to ride in certain scenarios and crap in others. The f750gs is great to ride anywhere.


  • Eric McGill

    I have owned a 2019 f750gs and I now own a 2021 f850gs 40th Anniversary Edition. I had every option available put on both bikes. I also had the Remus delete pipe, and Acropovic titanium exhaust as well as k&d filter. I am 5’6 and I use a Sargent seat. I had a lowered suspension on my F750GS however this time I am glad I stayed with the regular suspension on my new f850gs.
    Very happy with both bikes.

  • Kostek

    How big is fuel tank – 15litres within reserve of 3,5litres or reserve as extra 3,5litres?
    I own Versys650 but F750GS is one of the favourites to be next do it all bike – the only thing which bothers me is small fuel tank…
    Have fun and safe rides!

  • George

    Hi Simon, thanks for the comment. the 750gs is plenty fast and I think anyone will find it plenty unless visiting racetracks or doing serious back-road racing. Also perhaps fully loaded with two heavy people plus gear you may feel the need for more grunt. With the rear resonator deleted the bike is not loud, but much deeper and more satisfying. Make the bike much more enjoyable.

  • Simon Borg

    Hi. Great article, thanks. I’m considering buying one of these bikes, as I think it would really work well here in Aus (where the speed enforcement renders 120+HP redundant 90% of the time). Having said that, you mentioned that there are companies that can remap this engine to the same output as the F850GS; can you tell me who that might be? Again like you I may not go ahead and do it, but it would be nice to have the option. Oh, and how loud is the bike now, since you changed the downpipes (presumably eliminating the cat)? Thanks!

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