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BMW F750 GS Long Term Review

I've owned this bike from new for just over a year now and ride 3-5 days a week. My riding activities include commuting, weekend twisties, and occasional off-road camping.

What is the BMW F750GS good at?

Being a versatile bike, the F750GS performs well in various riding scenarios. It excels as a city and commuting bike due to its ease of operation, safety features, and excellent visibility. Like most BMWs, it offers impressive fuel economy—I usually average about 5.8 liters per 100 kilometers in suburbia and 5 liters per 100 kilometers outside. With a lighter touch on the throttle, even better figures could be achieved.

BMW f750gs camping

Equally good as a touring bike, the F750GS offers great comfort for two riders, ample luggage options, and impressive fuel economy. However, it may be let down by a lack of wind protection.

Surprisingly, it excels as a canyon carver, thriving in tight turns and switchbacks. While its ground clearance isn't remarkable, pushing it hard is necessary to touch down. It's a lot of fun in the twisties, and it outperforms the F850GS in this type of riding due to its lower suspension and smaller front wheel. The bike's balance is truly superb, and entering a corner feels effortless. Unlike the previous generation F700/F800, this engine is exhilarating. It sounds great, feels great, and accelerates like a firecracker.

Regarding off-road capabilities, it's worth noting that no BMW is truly a dedicated off-road bike. However, the F750GS can handle decent trails, especially compared to the F850GS with its taller suspension and off-road focus. I've personally taken the F750GS on dirt roads, fire trails, and dedicated 4WD tracks and had a blast. However, I wouldn't push it further, as it's not the ideal tool for demanding off-road terrain and is too expensive to risk damaging against rocks.

It's important to acknowledge that the F750GS would obviously be lacking on a racetrack and in heavy off-road conditions. However, for anything in between, it performs just fine.


In terms of performance, the 77 HP output may appear modest on paper, but the bike's low-end torque delivers ample power for road riding. Certain modifications, such as installing an Akrapovic titanium pipe and a K&N air filter, can enhance the bike's performance, sound, and low-end torque. It's important to note that the engine hardware of both the F750GS and F850GS is identical, with the 750 version being detuned through software.

There are a few shops that offer ECU tunes for this bike, allowing you to unleash the same power as the F850GS from the F750GS. Initially, I thought about getting this modification right away, but to be honest, the bike is already quick enough for my needs, and I don't have any intentions of taking it to a racetrack.

f750gs rubbatech tank pad protection

Rubbatech tank pad for the 750gs, a great addition that looks like it belongs there from the factory. 
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Dislikes and minor gripes.

BMW has done an excellent job with this bike, striking a balance between sophistication and raw fun. Any criticisms I have are minor and definitely not dealbreakers.

The gearbox generally performs well, but occasionally it can feel a bit notchy. First gear, in particular, often engages with a clunk, comparable only to my Harley Low Rider.

The quick shifter isn't as smooth as some others I've tried and can be a bit tricky to use effectively.

As for the buttons and TFT screen, while I still consider this combination to be the best in the industry, there is a slight lag. When you press a button, there can be a noticeable delay. However, you can queue up multiple clicks, and there are also shortcuts available through long presses. If it were a bit faster, it would be perfect.


From my observations, motorcycle screens are always a challenging aspect to get right. Honestly, I haven't ridden a bike with a screen that completely satisfied all my requirements. The stock screen on the F750GS is small and doesn't provide much benefit. Therefore, I took matters into my own hands and replaced it with the screen from the F850GS. While it does give the bike a more substantial appearance, it didn't make a significant difference in terms of wind protection, to be honest.

That being said, I have seen people mount oversized screens on these bikes, which in my opinion, look ridiculous. So I suppose you can choose to have it either way. Personally, I've been riding naked bikes for so long that I've become accustomed to the feeling of being hit by clean air.

BMW F750 GS tour


Very few issues. In the early stages, approximately two weeks after purchasing the F750GS, I encountered some electrical problems. The TFT dash stopped responding to button inputs and developed a flickering issue. However, after turning off the bike for an hour, the problem vanished and never reappeared.

I also experienced another issue with the bike, which was a weak idle immediately after starting. The revs would drop, and the engine would stall. This problem was directly linked to a batch of bad fuel, but it was easily resolved by draining the tank and refilling it with fresh fuel. In terms of fuel, the BMW technician informed me that the bike is tuned for 95 octane fuel, so there is no need to spend extra money on 98 octane. Interestingly, I was also told that 95 octane fuel in Sydney, Australia, is more consistent than 98 octane fuel.

f750gs left

Overall verdict 8/10

In conclusion, the BMW F750GS is a superb motorcycle, characterized by its high-quality construction and advanced technology, enabling it to excel in various riding situations. It strikes a fantastic balance between enjoyable riding dynamics, nimbleness, comfort, and an impressive sound, making it a versatile bike that can be appreciated in multiple scenarios.

Unlike many other bikes I've owned, which were limited to specific riding scenarios, the F750GS truly shines across different terrains and environments. Whether it's commuting, twisty roads, or off-road adventures, this bike performs exceptionally well and delivers an enjoyable riding experience wherever you take it.


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Hi, I own a 2020 model and have travelled 24,000km. I really enjoy the bikes handling and the power is more than suitable for me. Most of my riding is on sealed roads and find I am averaging around 80kmph over all on my rides. I have done some gravel roads and think its my ability rather than the bikes which is the limiting factor. Recently fitted a larger 120×70×19 front tire as the sides of the original seemed to wear out quite quickly (11,000km ) The handling on sealed roads has improved, don’t know about gravel yet.
I also removed the center exhaust box, but kept std. muffler. Nicer sound and I think a little more omph.
I have no plans to sell this bike any time soon. Does everything that I want.

Cliff Kingston

I bought a new 2019 BMW F750GS for the 2021 season. Very impressed with the light handling, while riding 2-up all the time. I feel the power is way more than enough, and I have had much bigger sport touring bikes previously. My only real negatives were the seat is not that comfy, but I had a custom seat made for my last bike so there is no comparison (Rich’s Custom Seats in Kingston, Washington). I added the larger windscreen huge improvement for hitting the tarmac. In town the short screen is great though. I had to get passenger foot peg risers as my wife is 5’2" and for the passenger to reach those stock foot pegs they would need to be closer to 5’8"+ to get close to a level upper leg position. Fuel mileage averaging about 3.6L/100Km. TFT display has it all from tire pressures to kms remaining in tank, tonnes of info available. Would buy again based on how reliable and easy this bike is to handle.


@Eric McGill
Eric, What is your inseam? I recently purchased a standard suspension/seat F 750 GS and really enjoy it. I do however like the comfort and security of being able to flat foot (both feet), when stopped. I am 5"7" with a 30" inseam. With the standard bike, I am on the balls of my feet. I really don’t want to lower the suspension. My question to you is will the Sargant seat drop the height enough? Is it comfy and worth the money? I’ve heard mixed reviews on the BMW OEM low seat regarding comfort, but it does lower the height more than the Sargant. Thoughts?


I have owned a 2019 f750gs and I now own a 2021 f850gs 40th Anniversary Edition. I had every option available put on both bikes. I also had the Remus delete pipe, and Acropovic titanium exhaust as well as k&d filter. I am 5’6 and I use a Sargent seat. I had a lowered suspension on my F750GS however this time I am glad I stayed with the regular suspension on my new f850gs.
Very happy with both bikes.

Eric McGill

How big is fuel tank – 15litres within reserve of 3,5litres or reserve as extra 3,5litres?
I own Versys650 but F750GS is one of the favourites to be next do it all bike – the only thing which bothers me is small fuel tank…
Have fun and safe rides!


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