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2011 BMW f800 st motorcycle review

The BMW f800 ST has never been in the highlights of the GP or drag-strips, but this midweight BMW is a fantastic bike that shouldn't be glossed over. A somewhat quiet and non-offensive overachiever. In most single areas it won't be breaking records as it isn't the fastest, lightest or most avant-garde design out there. What the BMW f800 does do particularly well is make a darn good package overall.

BMW F800ST Blue Review

It is one of the best bikes in the midweight ST category for overall rideability, comfort and safety. This motorcycle is remarkably easy to ride and live with on a day to day basis in the real world. Let's face it; most bike riders are doing most of their riding in the city or back-roads on the weekend. The time most road bikes spend on a racetrack is almost not worth mentioning. I have to admit I enjoy riding the pants off a motorbike, rather than riding a cruise missile and just flirting with its potential

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The BMW f800 ST is precisely the sort of bike you can get the most out of. Ask any biker, and they would tell you that they would love to have a few bikes in the garage - well this is it. Well, at least as well as you can do with one bike.

The chassis and handling of this bike are exceptional, definitely, among the effortless, I've had the pleasure of riding. Supremely stable and flickable.  

On this particular occasion, I was lucky enough to be able to take the F800ST from Sydney all the way to the gold coast and back. Fully loaded with my girlfriend - with all of the side trips and back-roads I rode a total of 4200kms on the ST so I can say I got to know it pretty well.

BMW F800ST Blue Review

There are a couple of really neat things about this bike that you won't generally find on other bikes of this vintage:

  • ABS brakes - front and back- the brakes on this thing seriously work
  • Xenon headlights high & low beam which seemed at least 3x as bright as regular. Awesome night visibility.
  • Heated had grips - cold days, a man's best friend, and for those that say "old man" well I can tell that you'll be an old man with arthritis
  • Belt Drive - non-jerky response, virtually no maintenance and looks cool
  • Hand adjustable suspension - super handy when taking on a passenger or luggage, takes 2 mins at most
  • great pillion seat without it looking cumbersome
  • Remarkable economy - I averaged about 4 liters per 100 km's on the highway, theoretically around 450kms a tank

Our particular test bike is the 2011 BMW f800 st with a touring package that includes;

  • ABS brakes front and rear
  • adjustable preload and dampening (not tools needed)
  • trip computer
  • pannier bags
  • heated handgrips
  • Remus titanium racing full exhaust system
  • HID headlights (high and low beam)
  • K&N High flow air filter

Performance: Great dynamics, average power

fuel economy: best in class

Handling: excellent

Comfort: excellent

Safety: ABS brakes front and rear, tire pressure indicators

Aesthetics: somewhat understated (like most things German), engine sound is a little numb

What is great about the BMW f800 st?

  • Rip-snorting brakes
  • Hand adjustable suspension
  • Economy
  • Super easy to ride well
  • Belt Drive! No service required!
  • Comfort

What isn't so flash?

Nothing much really, perhaps a little lacking in the guns at the tacho layout looks like a Russian water meter arrangement. Oh and the plastic fairing extends to the fuel tank. For those old school tank-needs-to-be-metal type of guys, this may be an issue.

I read somewhere that the motor sound like an engine in a wooden box. Funny and accurate, the ST has quite a bland note out of the shop but can be improved by the Remus aftermarket pipe. My sharpest criticism of the bike is that while I still like the looks, it's otherwise its a bit of a bland bike. Funny enough that didn't stop me buying it - twice.

BMW F800ST Blue Review


In my time with the ST I only had two minor issues. 1. The left heated handgrip stopped working, was faulty - replaced under warranty. 2. The thermometer always showed a much higher temp. Never accurate on any bike though.

Hardly significant issues - and otherwise fault free!

Verdict summary and score:

Overall the f800 ST does what it's supposed to and does it remarkably well. It is a sturdy bike and performs well as an excellent all-rounder. Not really for the race track, though I'm sure you could take it out and swing it through the corners. Great for touring and commuting - probably among the most accessible bikes to get on with I've encountered.

Engine performance isn't staggering but well balanced, and an excellent torque spread. Far beyond good enough for a speeding ticket. 

If you are looking for a bike that does it all, this is about as close as you get. The BMW f800st is a bike that ticks all the practical boxes, but if it does fall short somewhere, perhaps it's character. However "character" is something many of us could live without when we are talking reliable machinery.

I recall always having the feeling that I can rely on the F800.

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If the time is not to late for your puchase I have a 2011 st Black in colour only 11,000.Km when calculated average 1100 Km per season. Newly serviced by local dealer only low beam headlight bulb I will need to replace prior to sale. Garaged in heated space totally enjoy the ride experience between the weather and work unable to get full use and being semi retired also adds to the challenge. To view this showroom condition can send photos first. And quible value.

Clement P Bazinet

I purchased a 2009 BMW F800ST in 2018 and this year put on 16,000 highly enjoyable, primarily highway kilometers. The reliability of the bike was flawless, with one roadtrip across the western US and Canada of about 5000 kilometers in really bad, stormy weather. I can’t say enough about the bike. Well balanced, comfortable, flickable and light. It may not have the fastest acceleration, nor the most torque, but it does certainly have enough to make your ride a joy. My 2009 was just written off this week in an accident, and I suppose the measure of the bike is that after all is said and done, I’m considering another 2012 ST with low mileage. There are faster bikes. There are bikes with better acceleration, but for me, the reliability, comfort, options, weight and maneuverability, still make this a great all-rounder, especially for those of us who can only own one bike that needs to do everything well. Commuting and touring is a breeze and the power to weight ratio of this bike means that it is deceptively quicker than one would think. My previous VFR had more horsepower, but the additional weight and less usable torque delivery of the Honda meant for a less enjoyable ride in the twisties. The low speed handling and lower mass distribution of the BMW over the VFR also lends itself to a more relaxed, enjoyable and pragmatic motorcycle. Great bike.

Kenneth McMullen

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